Zeewa token, the greenest virtual currency

Zeewa token is an incentive of the Wastehunter by Zeewa system that is – due to its objective, huge capacity, speed and low cost – the greenest virtual currency available in the market.

The Jövő Öko-Nemzedéke Foundation (JÖN) has been drawing attention to the existing problem of illegal landfills and providing real solution for people and state actors with its platforms such as hulladekvadasz.hu or szemetszedes.hu – Let’s cleanup Hungary together! already for several years. In addition, our environmental organization has regularly organized and carried out waste collection campaigns at a national level.

The Waste Hunter movement has turned 4 this year (started on January 1, 2016). As a result of several years of development, the professional staff of our organization has launched the Zeewa system on January 10, the core of which is a transparent community collection and reward system working based on blockchain technology.

Why is Zeewa token the greenest virtual currency?

  1. In the first place, the new system enables to raise subsidies for the organization of environmental waste collection campaigns.
  2. Thanks to the transparency provided by the blockchain technology, the entire way and use of every donation can be traced.
  3. A unique way to get a token without buying is to take part in our garbage collection campaigns, meaning that you earn your virtual money by your participation.
  4. the Zeewa system uses the Gochain block chain developed for Ethereum, which is currently one of the greenest systems (other block chains are often criticized because of the huge environmental impact caused by users with the mining process. We are pleased to announce it is not the case for Zeewa.
  5. It is also possible to support events and real environmental heroes in the system (Patronus section)
  6. Tokens earned at events can simply be used (to support the realization of other events) through the Zeewa system or can even be redeemed for cash through the CoinCash
  7. Moreover, a list of places where you can spend your acquired Zeewa tokens will be available soon. (for example, for gym passes)

The world we live in is constantly more and more advanced, meaning that always newer and newer technology is coming to light to serve the needs of humanity. A detailed description of the new technology and our plans for the future can be found in the Zeewa token blueprint.

We find it crucial to use the new technologies to protect our Earth and our environment

Our primary concern at JÖN Foundation is the needs of our Earth, our environment. We want to use all possible and available means to see our secure future not just as a dream, but to make it a reality.

With the help of the new system we have developed and the Zeewa token in it, we are aiming to give people another opportunity to live in a cleaner, more viable and environmentally conscious Hungary!

What do you think? Are you in?

If yes, register to the zeewa.io system, join us and become a waste hunter!

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