Wastehunter by Zeewa, for a cleaner environment

Under its new name Wastehunter by Zeewa, the waste hunting system operated by the Jövő Öko-Nemzedéke Foundation has been completely renewed on the 10th of January 2020.

One of the outstanding goals of our environmental organization is to eliminate illegal landfills. The Wastehunter by Zeewa system is the result of the development of the last 1,5 years. Our environmental foundation (JÖN) is constantly working on providing people with as many opportunities as possible to preserve the values of our nature and environment.


Gathering experience throughout the existence of our activity, we have launched the Zero Emission Waste Management (shortly: Zeewa), which is an improved version of the Wastehunter.

Our goal is to clean up our environment, to mobilize the population, and to help the Hungarian state.  For this purpose, our organization has created a safer, more user-friendly website that allows everyone to report if they see an illegal rubbish dumb.

The information received is forwarded to the local authorities and municipalities that are responsible for the removal. Furthermore, on the web interface, it is possible to place a donation to help the clearing of these illegal landfills.

At hulladekvadasz.hu, the announcement is no longer possible. Everything is transferred to the zeewa.io web page.

The new system manages not only the map of Hungary, but also the entire world map. Thus, being able to monitor even the entire Carpathian Basin which has additional national economic benefits (for example, Transcarpathia – Tisza waste pollution), and is also suitable for localization anywhere in the world.

Hulladékvadász by Zeewa, the new innovative green surface:                    

  1. It is suitable for involving local communities in tackling the problem, both in Community financing modules and in helping to organize community events;
  2. It allows targeted, user-controlled placement of donations to the foundation. Transactions are recorded in a blockchain, which are processed and allocated to the user interface by the system engine. This development is completely unique, there is no other such thing in the world of blockchains, yet.
  3. Using blockchain technology, it makes the control of donations intended to eliminate illegal landfills completely transparent and traceable;
  4. It provides smart contracts for the parties involved to carry out simple and transparent collaborations (clean-up of illegal landfills, waste removal, transportation and sorting).
  5. As a patron, anyone can support the work of Zeewa’s environmental ambassadors.

The new system consists of the following elements:            

  • The Wastehunter reporting system has been renewed;
  • Zeewa Community: All garbage collection campaigns in one place;
  • Zeewa token, the greenest virtual currency;
  • Patron – We can’t make it without your help;
  • Renewed Wastehunter application on IOS and Android systems;

We would like to thank all our supporters! – We couldn’t have succeeded without your help!

First of all, we thank all the environment-conscious people for supporting our environmental activities, and the hundreds or thousands of people who have attended our events in recent years or have contributed to the success of our activities with a single sharing at one of the social media platforms. Throughout our existence, we have received nearly 1,000,000 Forint public support so far.

Our supporters

The Kék Bolygó Klímavédelmi Alapítvány (Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation) is a main supporter of the Waste Hunter by Zeewa system.

In the course of our cooperation, we would like to achieve an even greater change in attitudes among the population, so that ordinary people also take active steps towards a “garbage-free” environment, thus protecting the climate and the environment.

Waste Hunter application

Thanks to Vodafone Digital Award won last year, Wastehunter’s Android-based mobile application has also been renewed. The IOS-based application was developed by JÖN on its own.

The applications can be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

We hope that the possibilities and capacities of the Wastehunter by Zeewa will be enough to free our Planet from the enormous amounts of rubbish!

Join and be a Wastehunter!

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